Philosophy of Training


The structure of the Fresno School of Self Defense.

I’ve spent my entire life learning martial arts systems and ways to defend yourself. Through this life long pursuit I’ve come across some key components to successful training. These ideas are the hall mark of our training.

This school’s syllabus of learning is broken into a few different ways to train.

Seminars- Seminars will introduce the student to new ideas. New methods of training, and ways to deal with different situations. Seminars will mostly be cognitive intellectual practice, sometimes called academic practice.

Weekly classes- These classes will not focus on new intellectual material, but instead focus on pushing sound ideas into your subconscious mind/body. This will enable you to react appropriately and naturally in violent stressful situations. These regular classes are where the real work of defending yourself will happen. These classes, over time, will program your body and mind to respond appropriately.

Workshops- Workshops will focus on one particular aspect of training (ground fighting, specific weapons, low light conditions, teamwork etc) These will be intensive sessions where we will work many angles of one particular subject. Often important topics that are hard to fit into regular weekly classes, yet more specific than seminar material will be the focus of workshops.

Event days- These are fun events we do in order to give the students goal orientation and mark progress in training. These will include things like scenario based training, competitions, stress testing etc. These kinds of events allow you to gain some large insight in a brief explosive experience.