Take classes!

If you are interested in taking classes from us, you've come to the right spot! We use an innovative learning structure to help you get the most out of training. We have two regular classes a week that are designed to help you get in the repetition necessary to push good decision making, during stressful physical conflict,  deep into your subconscious mind. These classes will also build your personal abilities (or internal factors), making you physically better, mentally ready, more aware of your surroundings and give you a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on.

We also teach through seminars and workshops. These are designed to focus on other subjects for training. The pace of regular class is fast. During regular class we tend to focus on a smaller skill set, which allows you to get more time with the things we work on. Seminars are designed to give you a broader perspective on other less commonly worked on material. On the other side we have Workshops. Workshops are designed to slow down and allow you to focus on smaller technical details.  Seminars and Workshops are events that usually happen one day for several hours and require no kind of membership or commitment to regular classes. They are for anyone simply looking to pick up a few new ideas/skills.

So which are you interested in now? Regular classes or Workshops and Seminars? Check out the links below!

Seminars & Workshops

Regular Class